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Our Passion Is To Build ABetter world FOR Children To Succeed In Their Life!

Companion orphans and needy Foundation was established By KIRONDE JOEL in 2017 after notifying that the situation of orphans and needy children in Uganda is too worse. The first contribution towards companion for the first year was out of my personal resources.

Later, the needs of the Project grew so much that I needed Help from International and National Sources, later on I found other ten (10) well wishers in my community who had the same compassionate heart like mine to vulnerable children in march 2018.

Current Performance


• Integrity
–We operate with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth.

• Respect
– We demonstrate our appreciation and respect to our Donors and well wishers.

• Passion
– We value passion, determination, to develop children`s life.

• Quality
– We give our Donors always the best with matched results for total satisfaction in their Donations.

Service Excellence
– We are committed to world-class service and achieving our goals in children each day.

• We honor God in all we do and serve Him, by serving the children of the world!


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Our Volunteers




Number of children we care of


• We do it with professionalism.

• We do what we promise.

• We do it with quality.

• We do it with respect.

• We do it with a pure heart.

• We do it with in time.

• We do it with integrity.

You can contact us through Email: Tel: +256773547136 and +256784346487 on face book page Companion Orphans and Needy Foundation Thanks.


To bring love, total transformational care and development to every child in need in our developing country Uganda.

Our Objectives

1.   To rescue vulnerable children from hunger and ignorance.

2. To bring love and total transformational care to all hopeless children.

3. To care for their learning.

4. To promote unity among them.

5. To avail education to the children by supporting them in disciplined promising citizens.

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.